Your Best Dance Point

Popular dances on dancing holidays

Dancing holidays are a fun and interactive way to enjoy a holiday in the presence of family or friends. Dancing holidays combine the relaxation of staying in a hotel in a holiday environment and dancing lessons and demonstrations by professionals. It is a perfect way to stay in shape during your holiday, plus you get to learn something new with your loved ones – always a great way to bond and spend time with them.


There are several types of packages that hotels offer when it comes to dancing holidays. You can tour local delights and enjoy other facilities of the hotel during the day, and then focus on your dancing lessons at night. There are several types of dances that can be taught during a dance holiday – make sure you find out which ones are offered before you book your dancing holiday. If you really are looking to learn from the best, then look for places that have ex-competition dancers that have become dance teachers, as they will be extremely professional and passionate. These dances include the salsa, tango, quickstep, ballroom, cha cha, jive, line dancing and Scottish dancing to name a few.


Ballroom and Latin dancing: This is one of the most popular forms of dancing, especially after TV shows such as ‘Strictly’, ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and ‘Got to Dance’ started showing. These dances include the waltz, tango, foxtrot, quickstep, samba, jive and cha cha.


Line dancing: This dance was originally only meant for country and western music – however these days it is now danced to a wide variety of music styles. Line dancing is suitable for all ages and does not need partners.


Scottish country dancing: This social dance involves groups of mixed couples and is a fun and energetic dance. This type of dancing allows dancers to display technique, mobility and grace and is well enjoyed by younger dancers.


Sequence dancing: This is a form of dance in which a pattern of movement that have been predetermined is followed to music which has also been preset. It involves dances of many different styles such as ballroom dancing, line, square and circle dances and therefore is generally taught to more seasoned dancers rather than beginners.


Salsa: This is a sensual, sexy and spontaneous dance originating from Cuba. It is normally a dance that requires partners and can be improvised or performed with a set routine. This dance is popular throughout America, Europe, Australia and several more countries – it is fast becoming a global phenomenon.