Your Best Dance Point

Dance as an Exercise

It is a well known fact that regular exercise can help reduce excess weight and improve fitness as part of a healthier lifestyle. Going to a gym regularly is a step in the right direction, getting the maximum benefits out of swimming pools, gym equipment and tutor led classes will all have a positive effect on personal fitness. Gyms and participation in sports are not the only method of getting fit, dancing is also known to provide a good cardio workout and this is why a number of gym classes are based around music and dance movements in their exercise routines, blurring the lines between traditional aerobic exercise and dance.

Combining a cardio workout with some fun routines has its advantages, even if you take the view that there is a psychological element to overcome when using gym equipment.  Exercise classes in a gym and to a greater extent dance classes with a partner or in a group actually have a lower psychological thresholds to cross to become enjoyable. Whether everyone would view dance as an alternative form of exercise is a matter of opinion, but from weekly ballet, ballroom dancing or street dancing classes, dance does offer additional benefits as well as helping to exercise muscles. It can strengthen bones and engage the cardiovascular system, and of course it is a sociable activity too. The types of clothing you wear when taking part is not of great importance and is certainly is not limited to embarrassingly luminous leggings and sweat bands Рstreet dance classes in particular have some fashionable street dancewear to choose from.

Dancing as an exercise can be entertaining and helps improve coordination levels as well as personal confidence through the social aspects. A good dance workout can help the body relax, especially if it has been sat in a chair for the majority of the day, and some may point out that it can also be an outlet for creativity! If you want to avoid the social aspect of dance classes or indeed you do not have the time to attend a dance studio, why not try a dance exercise DVDs or computer games from the XBox Kinect or Wii Cheer. These electronic elements available have made dancing at home an alternative way to get fit.

Moving your body is especially important if you do not exercise much of the time, and the more movement you can get out of your body, the longer you will retain the ability to use an extended range of flexibility and motion. If your goal is to reduce weight by burning calories, increase dance sessions to 30 minutes and practice at least three times a week. For the older dancer 45 minutes of moderate dance classes are enough for a good workout. The type of dance will determine the extent of the physical health benefits gained, but generally dance can help strengthen the back, the muscles of the pelvic floor, tone hamstrings, develop stamina, blood circulation, suppleness and core strength.