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Belly Dancing for Beginners

Belly dance – one of the oldest dances in the world. It was already known in ancient Egypt, Babylon, India as a ritual dance, dedicated to the goddess of fertility. Because the stomach – it is life itself. Belly Dancing – Dance of Life Dance of the Great Mother. It was called differently – Isis, Ishtar, Aphrodite …
The history of belly dancing
Initially, belly dance performed by the priestesses of the temple and was associated with the temple prostitutes – the magic of action to reunite with the Mother Goddess with the help of specially trained priestesses. It is this dance the priestess helped tune in connection with the Goddess, as well as to convey the desired mood of a man.
Also bellydance was a mandatory part of the eastern wedding, although if you follow the customs, it danced on the female half and for women. Since the dance reflects the process of conception, childbearing and childbirth, it could serve as a kind of “instruction in the future for his young wife. In some Bedouin tribes just such a dance meet birth to birth was easy, but life baby – happy.
In the modern world, belly dancing is most often considered, or as a beautiful show, or as another type of fitness. Well, the show can be made from anything, especially because bellydance is really fascinating – if the dancer wants it. But we believe that calling him a “mere exercise” – not quite correctly. Belly dance – it’s not just a set of specific movements, this song is a woman’s soul. Although its health benefits in the first place women’s health – is undeniable.
Benefit Dance
So what can give a belly dance modern woman? Firstly, it is strong enough exercise, and associated with the study of exactly the deep layers of muscles – and thus, the figure is more feminine than when working in the gym. Also, the flexibility of the body, increases joint mobility – and at regular employment in them is not deposited salt. Shaking her hips and a variety of circles are a unique massage of the abdomen and pelvis. Thus belly dancing brings invaluable benefit of women, preparing them for childbirth, as well as helping to quickly get in shape after childbirth. Not in vain in the East women are so easy to give birth! Also in classes bellydance stronger back muscles, corrected posture and gait, leaving Cellulite …
Important also the psychological aspect of belly dance. Unlike traditional Western dance, in which at least part of the muscles are constantly tense, belly dancing teaches fluidity, flexibility and grace, relieves stress and fatigue. He also teaches self-expression. Women of the East know how to dance to express all my feelings and emotions – without a word, look and gesture. Just so we can fully express the love that overflowed a woman’s heart – or to find a way to this love.
Belly dancing woman dancing in the first place for themselves, to disclose its internal capacity for self-acceptance and awareness of its ownership of the creation of the world. So she learns to live happy in the present (and make it so). Dance changes the female soul, teaches her to be more feminine – a free, flexible and soft, harmonious and relaxed, open to the world. In fact, belly dancing is “dynamic meditation”, this time the mind and inner self women relax, calm down, merge together. Leave the consequences of daily stress such as insomnia, headaches, depression. As if from nowhere there are powerful charge of energy, good humor, courage and understanding … It is difficult to convey in words, you have to experience itself.
What can beginners, those who are interested in belly dancing classes. On the Internet it is easy to find the oriental music, and even video with performance. Just turn on – and try to improvise. The main motion – it’s rotating hips with straight knees, “dome” (inflation / retraction of the stomach into the rhythm of the music), “smile abdomen (on bent knees moving forward and upwards to lift the pubis, to hold in tension, relax and drop the tailbone – and all this waves of the music), shaking (relax all that above the knees, quickly alternating flexion and extension of the knees), “snake stick”, etc. If desired, a more detailed description of the basic elements can also be found on the Internet.
But if you are serious about belly dancing lessons, we still recommend to find employment opportunities in the dance studio. Importantly, the coach will always keep track and adjust your movements if you’re doing them wrong. For a start you can go for a trial lesson (in most cases, the first lesson is free) to try and see if you like this dance, and this teacher.
Of course, we must say that belly dancing is not for all cases. So, with a strong flatfoot is the risk of some problems, as dancers often rise to the toes. If you have problems with the spine (herniation or displacement) should consult a manual therapist. Perhaps he will allow a class, but be warned, the kind of movements should be avoided at first. Also, caution must be treated to a belly dance in acute diseases of internal organs, especially the female, aggravation of peptic ulcer, heart problems.
Classic belly dancing is not dancing during pregnancy – are excluded, and shaking some moves that could harm the baby. For this reason, begin to take courses of belly dancing during pregnancy is not recommended. But if a woman long enough dancing bellydance, she will herself to understand what is and what – is not, and will continue to dance in a lightweight program.
By age restrictions significantly less. As early as five years can do a simple motion to the rhythm of the music (the same “snake stick” for example). You can gently shake the start of 11 years. Immature girls are not encouraged to pit (dance floor).
How to dress for belly dancing lessons? Of course, you can get the exotic attire – the kind that can be seen at gigs. But for beginners it is not a necessity, especially because after the first few months of training your figure may change. Another reason that we do not advise you to rush to the acquisition of Eastern attire – a difficult coach to work with you, he needs to accurately track the accuracy of your movements.
It is better to wear a short shirt or topic – to be open abdomen, and these pants or breeches, which do not hide footwork.
Later, you can put on and a belt with the coins, although the relevance to his start at different schools, different. On the one hand, heavy belt helps to better feel the hips (which in our civilization, it is important) and feel my rhythm. But on the other hand, the sound of coins can distract from the art itself.
What shoes to choose from? Historically, the belly dance performed barefoot, which emphasizes the connection dancer with Mother Earth. When it is impossible to dance in the cotton socks, ballet flats or Czech. It is also possible on a thin platform sandals. Sneakers, sneakers, high heel shoes, etc. not suitable because they are uncomfortable transitions to a full stop, then on the toes.
And the last question – men in belly dance. Yes, this also happens, although not much has been given. And for this is not necessarily that the men had problems with orientation – on the contrary, the ability to adequately dance belly dance shows uncommon sexual health of men. Besides, this is a good way to drive away the “beer belly”.