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Healthy Benefits of Dancing

Dancing is a unique form of exercise that builds our muscles, keeps us fit and tones our body. Dancing brings a different joy to life. It removes stress and makes us feel happy from inside. Shaking the body to different forms of music gives a feeling of freshness and comfort. Dancing does not necessarily require learning the art; we can just move our body the way we like. Apart from many other benefits this form of physical exercise also regulates our body weight.


To actually understand the benefits of dancing let us discuss the various dance forms and check how helpful they can be to our body and soul.


Let us start with the Indian dance forms like kathak, bharatnatyam, Manipuri, these Indian classical dances are rigorous and involve the movement of all body parts thereby making our body strong and ready for different situations. Classical dance forms require calmness but strong attitude. These dance forms bring peace in our life and simultaneously also make our body strong, active and fit by helping us loose the excess calories.


If you are learning SALSA dance with your partner you are helping your body to learn coordination and adjustment. Salsa increases your energy, builds stamina and teaches you coordination as you have to match the steps of your dance partner. It is a romantic dance form which helps to develop closeness between two people. This dance also helps in lowering blood pressure and improving the body cholesterol level.Salsa Dance form requires speed dancing with your partner without loosing his or her grip. It also makes you active and increases your energy level.


BELLY dancing is a form of dance which involves moving only your belly in different possible ways. This dance form improves the posture of your body and gives a good shape to it. Also helps to remove various back problems and makes your body flexible.


FOXTROT dancing involves continuous jumping to the beats of music taking long steps backwards. It works on our thighs and buttocks and makes them strong. It is a very good form of Latin American dancing.


BALLROOM dancing is a very sophisticated form of Latin American dance. In earlier days it was performed by the royal American people in parties and functions. Now it has spread worldwide. This dancing is very beneficial to our body as it develops our circulatory system. It also helps in relieving stress and makes the body and leg muscles strong. This form also helps in keeping the heart in shape.


With so many available choices it is not difficult to learn to dance. Pick the dance of your choice and live a healthy, hearty long life.