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Original Dance Videos – Yeasayer "Sunrise"

Original Dance Videos - Yeasayer
DanceOn’s first ORIGINAL DANCE VIDEO featuring the powerful track “Sunrise” by Yeasayer. (Click here to purchase the track on iTunes: An inspiring contemporary dance video choreographed by Marc Kimelman and directed by Dante Russo. The video, set on a sunny Manhattan rooftop, traces dancers Ashley Adamek, Sheena DiMatteo, Vashty Mompoint, CJ Tyson and Michael McArthur through a group therapy session where they confront personal issues and psychological pains through dance. Additional credits include Nick Hartanto (Directory of Photography/Gaffer), Marjorie LeWit (Editor), Josh Schulteis (Stylist/Wardrobe) and Matthew Makar (Location/Set).
Rating: 4Original Dance Videos – Yeasayer “Sunrise”

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