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What Type Of Street Dance Classes Are There In London?

It seems that street dance is becoming more and more popular in the UK. Lots of dance styles have had their turn in the spotlight over the years and it looks like it is the turn of street dance at the moment.

But what exactly is street dance? And what can you expect to learn in a street dance class in London? The London scene is very different to many other countries and it’s worth exploring.

Street dance classes often teach street dance routines which loosely take dance moves from a variety of dance styles which may include hip-hop dance, locking, popping, street jazz and jazz amongst others. It can also include acrobatics when danced in dance troupes and can fuse with other styles very different from street dance such as contemporary too.

In fact looking at the term more closely, ‘street dance’ is more an umbrella term encompassing all these dance styles and many more. Different people have different opinions on what constitutes street dance. For example some people would also put dance styles such as the breakin’ and the crip walk under the street dance categories whilst others would not.

So if you see a dance class advertised as street dance you can expect to learn dance routines which are very similar to hip-hop dance and including elements of the other styles, but not necessarily to hip-hop music. Whereas most of the time a hip-hop dance class will have routines to hip-hop or R&B music for the most part.

There are other clues for what you might expect form a street dance class in London. Sometimes ‘street’ will be followed by another name. For example ‘street jazz’ would combine street and jazz, ‘street locking’ would be lockin’ and ‘street urban’ would be similar to hip hop dance or urban dance.

The term ‘street dance’ is popularly used in the UK and a number of other countries. So if you decide that you want to start going to some street dance classes it’s helpful to know what style of street dance you want to learn.

Dance styles which might fall under the street dance category such as popping, locking and hip-hop dance will often have dance classes which are just called by their names instead of ‘street’ something.

If in doubt about a street dance class in London, take a class so you can find out whether it’s general routines you’ll be learning or a specific street dance style. Many times you’ll find you’ll enjoy a dance style that you weren’t even planning to learn!