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"Dance To This Song" – (Official) KevJumba, Wong Fu Productions, David Choi

Get the FULL song on iTunes and Amazon!! Thanks for supporting independent artists! “Dance To This Song” is a new song, the first ever, collaboratively created by Wong Fu Productions, KevJumba and David Choi. The title TELLS you what to do! It doesn’t get any easier than that! This song was created for our upcoming web series “Funemployed”, coming soon. *Yes, it’s purposely supposed to sound generic. Stay tuned to: Confused as to where this whole idea, song, video project even came from? Click here for more inside info: CHORUS Let’s dance to this song! Let’s dance to this song! Let’s dance to this song! Let’s ddddddd-dance! VERSE 1 I know you’re thinkin that you heard this before Some strings and bass to move your body to the floor But girl don’t matter if the beats are the same Cause seeing your body move I’m just glad you came. PRECHORUS 1 Move this, move that, verse one, verse two That’s all these songs are meant to do Just melodies, don’t stop to think Mindless moves girl let’s grab a drink! VERSE 2 My turn to go but lyrics really don’t matter. Cause I got the flow to make your booty move faster. Err time I hear this song I get up on my feet and dance. I just want the same old noise that keeps my body in a trance! PRECHORUS 2 Insert cliche, then you’ll get plays Drink, girls, dance, beat, blah blah repeat. We made a hit, In 30 minutes This s*** is tight! We done and did it! BRIDGE
Rating: 4“Dance To This Song” – (Official) KevJumba, Wong Fu Productions, David Choi