Your Best Dance Point

Find The Best Dance Schools In The Us

If your answer to “So You Think You Can Dance?” is a resounding “Yes, I do!” then perhaps you are considering a dance career. Whether you plan to hoof it on Broadway, plie your way into a ballet company, shake it up as a famous singer’s backup dancer, or strut your stuff in a music video, you will need to have years of dance study under your belt in order to make it as a professional dancer. That is why many aspiring dancers attend years of dance school or even choose to pursue a degree in dance at dance colleges, a conservatory, or a liberal arts college or university that offers a dance major as part of the larger theater arts program.

Top dancers and choreographers can earn good salaries, but for dancers who are at the beginning of their careers, it can be very tough to support oneself on a dancer’s salary, therefore many people take on a second job. That is why even though a dancer might have earned a spot in a show or a company, he or she is always looking to audition at new places in order to ensure continuous employment.

There are lots of options for continuing your dance education, so grab those dance shoes, hitch up the leg warmers, and get moving on your dance career!