Your Best Dance Point

Salsa Dancing is "Dancing with the Stars" New Workout Scheme

The Dancing with the Stars contenders are now swaying and bending their body and flipping their hands as they are being taught with a new workout theme which is Salsa Dancing.

Dancing can transform your dull body into an active one, and salsa dancing in particular has not just enjoyable routines and enticing moves but it can turn you out as a great dancer later on.

Not only that, Louis van Amstel, a professional dancer from “Dancing With the Stars” proved that salsa dancing is a great exercise alternative that can give you a slimmer figure without even noticing it. Salsa moves can burn up to 700 calories in a full session. It’s the type of a getting fit exercise that can make you dance more, forgetting that you are doing it for a purpose.

“It’s salsa, these are the steps, the twists, the shimmy, and there’s absolutely no need for a partner, and you don’t even need to wear dance shoes, sneakers are just great because this is about fitness” Louis van Amstel said.

There are many exercise benefits to the dance of salsa.  It doesn’t take long to get the heart rate up with the fast beat.  The arm movements quickly firm upper arms and the hip movements are great for slimming down the waist.  Posture is also an important part of the dance.