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"I Can't Dance" – Genesis 'We can't Dance' – Music Video 1991

“I Can’t Dance” is the fourth track from the Genesis album We Can’t Dance and was the second single from the album (“No Son of Mine” being the first). The song peaked at number seven on both the US Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles Chart The music video to this song (directed by Jim Yukich) is a humorous one, illustrating the artifice and fake glamour of television advertisements. Phil Collins himself said that the video was designed to make fun of the models in jeans commercials, and each verse refers to the things that the models in these commercials do. The ending is a parody to the “Black or White” music video, depicting Collins doing the “Panther ending” in which Michael Jackson dances erratically. “Weird Al” Yankovic also created a parody of the “I Can’t Dance” video in which he appears alongside the band. Mismatched lighting suggests his shots were separate from the others. The song created the “I Can’t Dance dance” (a series of stiff, stylized motions). Phil Collins explained in an interview that when he was at stage school, that he would see kids that would always use the same hand and the same foot when they were tap dancing, meaning they couldn’t coordinate. So he copied their movements and the “dance” was born. Picture from 576i DVD Stereo sound comes from DVD 5.1 Surround Mix.
Rating: 4“I Can’t Dance” – Genesis ‘We can’t Dance’ – Music Video 1991

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