Your Best Dance Point




List Price: $79.99

  • U-Dance is the latest innovation in dance gaming. Become your own game controller with this incredible, motion-sensing dance system
  • Bust a move to some of today’s most popular hit songs, performing real dance moves, like steps, slides and jumps
  • As you dance virtual footprints appear on your TV screen, mirroring your every step
  • Dance on your own or challenge a friend to a dynamic dance-off! Need to take a break?
  • 12 popular dance songs are included
  • Follow the beat of the music and you decide the pace and level of difficulty
  • Game tower comes with connection cords and 2 attachable foot tags
  • Rock out without the confines of a dance mat or game controller. You are the controller. There’s no mat to step on and nothing to hold
  • Simply plug the console into your television (not included), attach the wireless foot tags to your feet and groove to your
  • Stop by the “lounge” for a quick-steppin’ game or jump on the treadmill game and add a great workout to your dance routine
  • With fast paced graphics and cool dance venues that you can discover, this is one game that’s sure to keep you on your toes


List Price: $79.99

Your Price: $22.99- U-Dance

U-DANCE takes the dance revolution to a new level by turning kids’ own bodies into the controller. Using wireless Motion Tags on their legs, dancers follow on-screen commands, which track their every step. Comes pre-loaded with 12 hits. Hasbro. Ages: 8+

Change your living room into a music-filled dance floor with Tiger Electronics’ U-Dance motion-based dance game. This high-energy dance game challenges kids ages 8 and over to follow fast-paced dance moves that are set to a variety of fun, upbeat songs. Whether they’re practicing in the Lounge, warming up in the Workout area, or struttin’ their stuff on the Dance Floor, this entertaining game will get the whole family moving!

What We Think

Fun Factor:


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The Good: Challenging and entertaining, this game accommodates a variety of player levels

The Bad: The Motion Tower can not be disassembled once it is put together

In a Nutshell: The U-Dance is a fun, motion-based game that gets your whole body moving

At a Glance

Ages: 8 and up
Requires: Television, Philips screwdriver and 4 AA batteries

The U-Dance encourages your child to get off the couch and practice real dance moves.View larger.

No controller needed. U-Dance uses Motion Tags that slip over your shoes.

Put Your Best Foot Forward
Tiger Electronics’ U-Dance interactive video game encourages your child to get off the couch and practice real dance moves like sweeps, jumps, slides, and crossovers without the need for a mat or any other game controller. Instead, the U-Dance uses lightweight Motion Tags that slip over your child’s shoes. The reflective surface on the Motion Tags is read by the Motion Tower placed next to your television and follows the movements of your child’s feet.

Set-up is easy. Simply use a Philips screwdriver to insert 4 AA batteries into the battery compartment located on one of the three tower pieces, snap the three tower pieces together, and place it in front of your television. Next, connect the provided AV cables to any regular television set and slide the On/Off switch on the back of the Motion Tower to “on.” Finally, slip the elastic bands of the Motion Tags over your child’s shoes so that they are positioned on top of each foot. Be sure to keep pant cuffs out of the way and avoid wearing shoes with reflective detailing as this might cause interference between the Motion Tower and the Motion Tags. Now you’re child is ready to get down!

Get Into The Groove
The U-Dance provides three modes of dance-oriented game play for one or two players. In the beginning, your child may find the foot-eye coordination a little difficult to get used to. So, to warm up and get familiar with the game, your child may want to start with one of two mini-game modes.

In the Lounge mode your child can practice moving with the Motion Tags by kicking lounge lizards out of the spotlight indicated on the screen. In the Workout mode they must step on diamonds while avoiding hazards on a moving treadmill. While both of the mini-game modes are entertaining, neither is as fun and exciting as the main game mode, the Dance Floor.

In this mode, your child may choose to warm up with a basic tutorial provided at the beginning of the game. Once your child has completed the tutorial they will be sent back to the main Dance Floor menu where they can choose from three difficulty levels and several upbeat songs before heading to the dance floor. On the dance floor the goal is to match foot movements with the target feet on the screen. As the song progresses, your child’s progress is scored for accuracy and timing by the Dance Meter. If they successfully dance their way through a song, they will have their overall performance scored by the judges. If not, they may choose to repeat the same song or choose another from the main menu. As your child makes their way through the various songs and different levels of difficulty their performance can be saved so they can review their progress.

What’s in the Box
Motion Tower, Motion Tags, and AV cables.

Your Price: $22.99 – U-Dance