Your Best Dance Point

Ballet, Tap or Jazz: Which Dance Lessons Are Right For Your Kids?

When your child comes to you and says she is ready to enroll in dance classes, you have a decision to make.  Which type of dance is right for her?  Should she enroll in ballet, jazz or tap?  It depends on your child’s needs, as well as what she wants out of a dance class.

Try Tap Dance Lessons

If your child just wants to have fun without taking it too seriously, tap is a good option.  Tap is relatively easy to learn, and kids love the sounds it makes.  In addition, children learn rhythm when they take tap dance classes.  Rhythm is one of the fundamentals of dancing, and it will help them if they choose to move on to another type of dance in the future.

Energetic Jazz Dance Lessons

Jazz is a great option for someone who has a lot of energy or needs to lose weight.  Jazz requires a lot of energy, and it burns fat, builds muscles and speeds up the metabolism.  Moreover, jazz is a lot of fun for kids.  Children love the movements and over-the-top expressions that jazz is known for.  In addition, jazz is a great dance for children who are interested in becoming professional dancers.  Those who learn jazz at a young age will be in a good position to earn dancing roles when they get older.

Cover Dance Fundamentals With Ballet

Ballet is perfect for those who want to learn the fundamentals of dance.  Ballet teaches children about flexibility and movement, which are at the core of any type of dance.  Because ballet teaches the fundamentals of dance, those who know ballet can pick up other styles of dance easily.

That means your child will be a versatile dancer if she chooses ballet.  She will be able to move on to jazz or tap, and pick it up faster than other children can.  In addition, like jazz, ballet is a good choice for those who are interested in becoming professional dancers.  There are many jobs for professionals in ballet, and a strong background will help your child as she matures as a dancer and begins to look for jobs.

Each style of dance is unique and offers something different for children.  Decide what your child wants and needs out of dance class, and then make a decision.  Once you make your decision, find a studio and sign her up for classes.  Then, she can begin to master her new discipline.