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The Development of Dance and Dance wear

The Origins of Dancing

Dancing was initially in actual fact cultivated by the ancient Greeks and so had become considered to be among the essential elements for the education for the minds and bodies of the young, in conjunction with music, hunting, fencing, riding, learning, as well as philosophy.

The truth is, both dancing together with wrestling were derived from what they called the gymnastic; these exercises associated with the later being intended to get ready one’s body for those tensions connected with war, farming as well as other vocations requiring arduous physical demands

The purpose of dance was to keep the physical structure firm, supple and in the correct proportions, and as a result of achieving this sense of balance, it bequeathed upon the actual dancer a powerful air of sophistication which together with self-confidence  had a knock-on effect on individuals that they came into contact with


The Origins 0f Dance Associated with Music

Similarly, the Greeks also deemed music as a significant component for the education of children that would quell the passions, make softer the manners, and humanize individuals who had been previously viewed as savage and barbarous

The particular marriage involving dancing as well as music came about during such special occasions which include religious celebrations as a means of acknowledging the Gods and also thanking all of them for all the favours they had bequeathed on them; of honouring victors of the Olympic Games and other similar sporting occasions.

Music in addition to dancing even had its role in war as the Spartans were also known to have marched to war dancing to the sound of flutes.


Development of Dance wear

Just like many varieties and styles of dance have evolved throughout the ages, and so do the unlimited various types of clothes which go in to the creation of current day dance outfits.

To start with tribal dance wear, although it is typically colourful, tended to be relatively clumber some and even rather basic in design and style, but as dancing grew to be even more competitive and previously unavailable fabrics such as nylon and spandex came into the marketplace, there has become a increased desire for dancewear clothes which not just looked good, but offered far greater comfort and overall flexibility.

A typical progression, of this development connected with modern day dance wear has been the evolution of the leotard, currently viewed as an essential component part within every experienced dancer’s wardrobe.

Nowhere have those improvements really been more important than in the development of the dancer’s footwear, in particular in relation to dancing “en pointe” in ballet. As a result has brought about the development associated with a variety of prosperous big name providers like as Bloch and Capezio catering especially to all the Dancer’s demands